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Chapter 1. New News Is Good News: New Wi... > What's New on the Internet Front - Pg. 7

New News Is Good News: New Windows XP Features 7 Jargon Jar To burn files means to copy them to a CD-R or CD-RW disc. · Music--Besides the music features found in Media Player, the new My Music folder enables you to organize your music by artist, album, genre, and more. · Document scanners--For most newer scanners, Windows XP recognizes the device as soon as you plug it in and then makes it available to almost any program on your computer. That is, when you go to "open" a file, you can also choose to capture it straight from your scanner. Also, the revamped Scanner and Camera Wizard offers a wider range of features for controlling the scan. · Digital cameras--Windows XP can work with most newer digital cameras, and the aforemen- tioned Scanner and Camera Wizard makes it easy to grab the images you want. However, the best new camera feature in Windows XP is its ability to treat the camera storage module as a