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Chapter 21. More E-Mail Bonding: Extendi... > Sharing Outlook Express with Others:... - Pg. 258

More E-Mail Bonding: Extending Outlook Express 258 The Least You Need to Know · Folder folderol--Make liberal use of folders to organize your messages. You create new folders by selecting the File, Folder, New command (or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+E). · Default fonts and stationery--If you have fonts or stationery that you use all the time, set them up as the default by selecting Tools, Options and displaying the Compose tab. · Blocking boneheads and bores--To have Outlook Express automatically delete messages from a particular address, highlight one of that person's messages and select Message, Block Sender. · Keeping the e-mail peace--If you share your computer with other people, set up separate identities for everyone by selecting the File, Identities, Add New Identity command. · Avoiding an identity crisis--To make sure that no one else accidentally logs in to Outlook Express with your identity, always exit by using the File, Exit and Log Off Identity command.