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Chapter 21. More E-Mail Bonding: Extendi... > Sharing Outlook Express with Others:... - Pg. 257

More E-Mail Bonding: Extending Outlook Express 257 Switching From One Identity to Another After you've set up two or more identities, Outlook Express will always be "logged in" to one of those identities. How do you know which one? Check out the title bar. As shown in Figure 21.4, the name of the current identity appears to the right of "Out-look Express." Figure 21.4. The Outlook Express title bar tells you the name of the currently logged in identity. To switch to a different identity, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. Select File, Switch Identity. Outlook Express delivers the Switch Identities dialog box. In the list of defined identities, highlight the one you want to use. If the identity is protected by a password, enter it in the Password text box. Click OK. Outlook Express shuts down and then restarts with the selected identity logged on.