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Chapter 21. More E-Mail Bonding: Extendi... > Some Handy Message Maneuvers - Pg. 253

More E-Mail Bonding: Extending Outlook Express 253 Seven Useful Sending Settings Let's spend a little more time hanging out in the handy Options dialog box. In this section, I'll take you through a few settings related to sending messages. To see these options, select the Tools, Options command and then display the Send tab. Here's a once-over of what's available (click OK when you're done): · Save copy of sent messages in the "Sent Items" folder--Deactivate this check box to tell Outlook Express not to bother putting copies of your messages in Sent Items. I don't recommend doing this because you'll probably refer to previously sent notes on many an occasion. · Send messages immediately--When this option is activated and you're working online, Outlook Express transmits your messages as soon as you send them (unless, of course, you select the Send Later command). If you want Outlook Express to hold its sending horses, deactivate this check box. · Automatically put people I reply to in my Address Book--This option is on by default, which is downright silly because it means that every last person to whom you send a reply will get stuffed into your Address Book. That's dumb, so you may want to consider deactivating this one. · Automatically complete e-mail addresses when composing--As I mentioned in the previous chapter, after you have some names in your Address Book, you can start typing a name and Outlook Express will "guess" the rest of the name based on the Address Book entries. If you don't like this feature, deactivate this check box to turn it off. · Include message in reply--When this option is activated and you reply to a message, Outlook Express adds the original message to your reply message. This is a good idea because it re- minds the recipient of what they said, so you should leave this option on. · Reply to messages using the format in which they were sent--When this check box is activated,