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Chapter 21. More E-Mail Bonding: Extendi... > Some Handy Message Maneuvers - Pg. 251

More E-Mail Bonding: Extending Outlook Express 251 Windows Wisdom A few other stationery samples are available on the Web. To see them, select Tools, Options to get back to the Options dialog box, head for the Compose tab, and then click the Down-load More button in the Stationery group. 7. 8. The wizard's to-do list continues with setting the stationery margin widths. The margins deter- mine where in the stationery your typing starts. Use the Left Margin spin box to set the distance from the left edge, and use the Top Margin spin box to set the distance from the top edge. Click Next to continue. In the last of the wizard's dialog boxes, enter a Name for your funky new stationery (such as Funky New Stationery), and click Finish to send the wizard home. After you've completed your stationery creation, you can use it in your messages just like any other stationery.