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Chapter 21. More E-Mail Bonding: Extendi... > Some Handy Message Maneuvers - Pg. 249

More E-Mail Bonding: Extending Outlook Express 249 Working with Stationery In the real world, stationery is paper that includes predefined text, colors, and images. Outlook Express lets you set up the electronic equivalent. That is, you can define e-mail stationery that includes a background image and predefined text. This is essentially a Web page to which you can also add your own text. Outlook Express gives you three choices: · Use any of the Outlook Express predefined stationery designs on an individual message. · Set up a stationery as the default that gets applied to all your outgoing messages. · Create your own stationery. Let's begin with using one of the built-in stationery patterns on a single message. Outlook Express gives you two ways to do this: · To start a new message using a specific stationery, select Message, New Message Using (you can also click the downward-pointing arrow in the Create Mail toolbar button). When Outlook Express displays its menu of stationery options (such as Clear Day and Nature), click the one you want to use. Windows Wisdom