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Chapter 3. Making Your Programs Do What ... > When Enough's Enough: Quitting a Pro... - Pg. 36

Making Your Programs Do What You Want Them to Do · Press Alt+F4. · Pull down the program's File menu and select the Exit command (or, more rarely, the Close command). 36 See Also I tell you how to handle saving documents in Chapter 5, "Saving, Opening, Printing, and Other Document Lore." See the section titled "The All-Important Save Command." · Right-click the program's taskbar button and then click Close in the little menu that appears. Depending on the program you're closing and the work you were doing with it, you might be asked whether you want to "save" some files. The Least You Need to Know · Starting a program--Click the Start button to display the Start menu, and then click the command or sub- menus required to launch the program.