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Chapter 3. Making Your Programs Do What ... > Switching from One Program to Anothe... - Pg. 34

Making Your Programs Do What You Want Them to Do 34 Figure 3.12. Windows XP with two programs on the go. Windows Wisdom Although it's true that Windows XP is happy to deal with multiple running programs--think of it as the electronic equivalent of walking and chewing gum at the same time--that doesn't mean you can just start every program you have and leave them running all day. The problem is that because each open program usurps a chunk of Windows' resources, the more programs you run, the slower each program performs, including Windows itself. The number of applications you can fire up at any one time depends on how much horsepower your computer has. You probably need to play around a bit to see just how many applications you can launch before things get too slow. The taskbar has another trick up its digital sleeve: You can switch from one running program to another by clicking the latter's taskbar button. For example, when I click the WordPad button, the WordPad window comes to the fore, as shown in Figure 3.13.