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Chapter 3. Making Your Programs Do What ... > Now What? Getting a Program to Do So... - Pg. 27

Making Your Programs Do What You Want Them to Do 27 Windows Wisdom What if you don't want to select the commands from a menu you already opened? Remove the menu by clicking any empty part of the program's window; pull down a different menu by clicking its name in the menu bar; press Alt by itself; press the Esc key twice; or press Alt plus the underlined letter of the new menu. · Press the underlined letter in the command. For example, the "R" in the View menu's Refresh command is underlined, so you can select this command by pressing R. (Go ahead and try this example; you won't hurt anything.) Throughout this book, I tell you to select a pull-down menu command by separating the menu name and command name with a comma (,), like this: "Select the View, Refresh command." What happens next depends on which command you picked. Here's a summary of the various possibilities: · The command runs without further fuss--This is the simplest scenario, and it just means that