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Chapter 3. Making Your Programs Do What ... > Now What? Getting a Program to Do So... - Pg. 26

Making Your Programs Do What You Want Them to Do 26 Figure 3.4. My Computer's View menu. The various items that run across the menu bar (such as File, Edit, and View in My Computer) are the names of the menus. To see (that is, pull down ) one of these menus, use either of the following techniques: · Use your mouse to click the menu name. For example, click View to pull down the View menu. · Hold down the Alt key and examine the menu bar once again. See how each menu name sprouts an underline under one letter. That underline tells you that you can pull down the menu by holding down Alt and pressing the underlined letter on your keyboard. For example, the "V" in View gets underlined when you hold down Alt, so you can pull down this menu by pressing Alt+V. The various items you see in the menu are called commands . From here, you use any of the fol- lowing techniques to select a command: · Use your mouse to click the command you want. · From your keyboard, use the down arrow key () or the up arrow key () to highlight the com- mand, and then press Enter.