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Chapter 3. Making Your Programs Do What ... > How to Start a Program - Pg. 21

Making Your Programs Do What You Want Them to Do 21 Windows Wisdom Clicking the Start button is probably the most common way to get at the Start menu, but Windows XP also offers a couple of keyboard methods that you should have in your arsenal. No matter what kind of keyboard you have, you can press Ctrl+Esc. But, if you have the Microsoft Natural Keyboard--the one with the alphanumeric keys split down the middle and the curvaceous look--press the key with the Windows logo on it ( ). Most recent keyboards sport the Windows logo key. In almost all cases, the key is located between the Ctrl and Alt keys. · E-mail--This icon represents the Outlook Express program, which you use to send and read e- mail messages. You can get the scoop on this program in Chapter 20, "Sending and Receiving E-Mail Missives." · Windows Media Player--This icon represents the Windows Media Player program, which you use to play music, watch DVD movies, create audio CDs, and perform other multimedia tricks. (See Chapter 11, "Sights and Sounds: Music and Other Multimedia.")