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Chapter 18. It's a Small Web After All: ... > Internet Explorer Nuts and Bolts - Pg. 209

It's a Small Web After All: Using Internet Explorer 209 The Web may sound like just some giant encyclopedia, but it boasts something that you won't find in any encyclopedia printed on mere paper: interaction. For example, almost every Web page in existence comes equipped with a few links . Links are special sections of the document that, when clicked, immediately whisk you away to some other page on the current site or even to a page on another site (which may be on the other side of town or on the other side of the planet). You can also use the Web to play games, post messages, buy things, sell things, grab files and programs, and much more. If the Web has a downside, it's that it's too big (there's no "index," per se, so finding the info you need can be hard) and that it's too easy to publish a page (with no editors in sight, there's no guarantee that the info you find is accurate or even true). Still, there are ways to search for data, and you can usually corroborate something by looking for other pages that have the same data. So the Web is definitely worth a look or three. This chapter helps you get those looks by showing you how to use Windows XP's Internet Explorer program, which is designed to surf (to use the proper Web verb) Web sites. You'll learn all the standard page navigation techniques, and you'll learn all the features that Internet Explorer offers for making your online journeys more efficient and pleasant. Internet Explorer Nuts and Bolts The most straightforward way to get Internet Explorer up and surfing is to select Start, Internet. If this doesn't launch Internet Explorer for some reason, you can also select Start, All Programs, In- ternet Explorer. If you connect to the Internet using a modem, you may now see a dialog box telling you that some- thing or other is "not available offline." If so, click Connect. If you don't have a connection established with your Internet service provider, the Dial-Up Connec-