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Chapter 7. Installing and Uninstalling P... > Device Advice II: Removing Hardware - Pg. 86

Installing and Uninstalling Programs and Devices 86 See Also If you need to install a network printer, instead, see Chapter 31, "Using Windows XP's Networking Fea- tures." · Installing a scanner or digital camera--Select Start, Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware and then click the Scanners and Cameras icon. In the Scanners and Cameras win- dow, click the Add an imaging device link to send in the Scanner and Camera Installation Wizard. Device Advice II: Removing Hardware If a device suddenly becomes tiresome and boring, or if you get a better device for your birthday, you need to remove the old device from your computer and then let Windows XP know that it's gone. The exception to this is if the device supports Plug and Play. If it does, then Windows XP recognizes that the device is gone and it adjusts itself accordingly. Otherwise, you need to do it by hand: 1. 2. 3. 4. Select Start, Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware and then click the System link. Windows XP arranges a meeting with the System Properties dialog box. Display the Hardware tab and then click Device Manager. Click the plus sign (+) beside the hardware category you want to work with. For example, if the soon-to-be-toast device is a network adapter, open the Network adapters branch. Click the device and then select the Action, Uninstall command. Windows XP states the obvious and tells you that you're about to remove the device. Windows Wisdom An easier way to get to the System Properties dialog box is to click Start, right-click the My Computer icon, and then click Properties in the shortcut menu. 5. 6. Say "Duh!" and click OK. Windows XP wastes no more of your time and removes the device from the list. Click Close.