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Chapter 7. Installing and Uninstalling P... > Device Advice II: Removing Hardware - Pg. 87

Installing and Uninstalling Programs and Devices 7. 87 If the device is an internal component, shut down your computer (use Start, Turn Off Com- puter or Start, Shut Down) and then remove the device. Otherwise, just unplug the device. The Least You Need to Know · Automatic CDs--Most computer CD-ROM (and DVD-ROM) discs support AutoRun, so the installation program runs automatically after you insert the disc. · Installing and uninstalling made easy--Use Control Panel's Add or Remove Programs icon to help you install and uninstall Windows XP components and third-party programs. · Best hardware bets--To ensure the easiest hardware configuration, buy only devices that are both Plug and Play­compatible and Windows XP­compatible. · Peruse the ports--When installing an external device, remember that its cable can plug into only a single, complementary port on the back of the computer. · Hardware helper--If Plug and Play doesn't work, launch Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hard- ware, and then click the Add Hardware link to help you install and uninstall devices. · If you have hardware woes--See Chapter 29, "When Windows Won't Work: Troubleshooting Common Problems" for some advice.