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Chapter 7. Installing and Uninstalling P... > Device Advice I: Installing Hardware - Pg. 83

Installing and Uninstalling Programs and Devices 83 · Internal circuit boards--These are cards that plug into slots inside your computer. There are circuit boards for all kinds of things, including sound cards, graphics cards, network cards, and video decoder cards (which usually come with DVD-ROM drives nowadays). Again, you should get someone who knows what they're doing to install these kinds of devices for you. Running the Add Hardware Wizard Your device and your computer are now shacked up, but they're not married yet. To get a full rela- tionship going, Windows XP has to install a tiny bit of software called a device driver . This minipro- gram has the code that operates (drives) the device, so it acts as a kind of middleman between the device and Windows XP. In the best of all possible worlds, after you've attached the device (and, if necessary, restarted your computer), Windows XP recognizes the new limb and displays the New Hardware Found dialog box. (This is my favorite dialog box because it means I have little if any work to do from here. An under-your-breath "Yes!" is the appropriate reaction to seeing this dialog box.) Windows XP then proceeds to install the device driver and any other software required to make the device go. This is automatic, for the most part, but you may occasionally be asked a few simple questions to complete the setup. In particular, you might see the Found New Hardware Wizard, which leads you through the installation of a device driver. (The process is similar to upgrading a driver.) If, for some reason, Windows XP doesn't automatically recognize your new device, all is not lost. That's because Windows XP comes with a hardware helper called the Add New Hardware Wizard, which scours every nook and cranny of your system to look for new stuff. Here's how it works: 1. 2. Select Start, Control Panel to crack open the Control Panel window. Click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click the Add Hardware link in the WebView panel's