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Chapter 7. Installing and Uninstalling P... > The Welcome Wagon: Installing a Prog... - Pg. 78

Installing and Uninstalling Programs and Devices 78 Jargon Jar AutoRun is a feature that automatically launches a program's setup routine (or, later, the program itself) after you insert its CD-ROM or DVD-ROM disc. · If you downloaded the program from the Internet--In this case, you end up with the downloaded file on your hard disk. Be sure this file resides in an otherwise-empty folder and then double- click the file. This either launches the setup routine or it "extracts" a bunch of files into the folder. If the latter happens, look for an application file named Setup (or, more rarely, Install), and then double-click that file. For all other cases--a CD-based program that doesn't start automatically or a program distributed on floppy disks--your best bet is to get Windows XP to launch the setup routine for you. Here's how: 1. Select Start, Settings, Control Panel to fire up the Control Panel window. Windows Wisdom I recommend that you accept the default values offered by the install program (unless you really know what you're doing). In particular, if the program gives you a choice of a "typical" or a "custom" installation, go the "typical" route to save yourself time and hassle. You can always go back and install additional components for the specific program later. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Click the Add or Remove Programs icon to get to the Add or Remove Programs window. Click the Add New Programs link. Click the CD or Floppy button. The dialog box that appears asks you to insert the first installation disk or the program's CD-ROM. Insert the CD (or DVD) disc or the floppy disk that came with the program. (Some older pro- grams ship with multiple floppy disks. In this case, look for the disk labeled "Disk 1" or "Setup.") Click Next. Windows XP checks your floppy drive and CD (or DVD) drives, searching desper- ately for any installation program it can find: