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Installing and Uninstalling Programs and Devices 76 However, it's a rare computer owner who's satisfied with just these freebies (or even wants them in the first place). Most of us want something better, faster, cooler . If you decide to take the plunge on a new program, this section shows you how to install it in Windows XP. To get you started, the next section shows you how to install new Windows XP components. Installing a Windows XP Component Like a hostess who refuses to put out the good china for just anybody, Windows XP may not have installed all of its components automatically. Don't feel insulted; Windows is just trying to go easy on your hard disk. The problem, you see, is that some of the components that come with Windows XP are software behemoths that will happily usurp acres of your precious hard disk land. In a rare act of digital politeness, Windows bypasses these programs (as well as a few other nonessential tidbits) during a typical installation. If you want any of these knickknacks on your system, you have to tell Windows XP to install them for you. The good news is that Windows XP comes with a handy Windows Component Wizard that enables you to add any of Windows XP's missing pieces to your system without having to trudge through the entire Windows installation routine. Here are the steps to follow: 1. 2. 3. Select Start, Settings, Control Panel to rustle up the Control Panel window. Click the Add or Remove Programs icon. Windows XP tosses the Add or Remove Programs window onto your screen. Click the Add/Remove Windows Components link to launch the Windows Components Wizard shown in Figure 7.1. (Note that Windows XP takes inventory of the currently installed compo- nents, so the wizard takes a few seconds to appear.)