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Chapter 9. Graphics Gadgetry: Working wi... > Getting Images from Your Scanner or ... - Pg. 102

Graphics Gadgetry: Working with Scanners and Digital Cameras 3. 102 This displays a dialog box that's specific to the device. In all cases, however, the General tab has a button named Test Scanner or Test Camera (or even Test Scanner or Camera). Whatever the name, click the button. If all is well, you'll see a dialog box named Test Successful that tells you the device completed the diagnostic test. If you see the Test Failed dialog box, instead, make sure the scanner is connected and turned on and then try again. Getting Images from Your Scanner or Camera The whole point of a scanner or digital camera is to transfer an image of something from the device to your computer hard drive. From there you can edit the image, e-mail it to a friend or colleague, publish it to the World Wide Web, or simply store it for safekeeping. This section shows you how to make a hard (disk) copy of an image. Using the Scanner and Camera Wizard with Newer Scanners If you have a newer scanner or camera, Windows XP installs its own Scanner and Camera Wizard to give you a step-by-step method for capturing images. Let's see how it works. First, launch the Scanner and Camera Wizard using one of the following methods: · Connect the device to your computer. After you've installed your scanner or camera, the next time you connect it the Scanner and Camera Wizard will come out to play automatically. · If your device is a scanner and it has some kind of "scan" button, press that button. · In the Scanners and Cameras window, click the device icon and then click Get pictures in the WebView panel's Imaging Tasks section. · Give the wizard a poke in the ribs by selecting Start, All Programs, Accessories, Scanner and Camera Wizard. If you have more than one imaging device, you'll see the Select Device dialog box. Click the device you want to use and then click OK. When the initial wizard window appears, click Next to get the wizard to connect to the scanner. What happens from here depends on whether you're using a scanner or a digital camera. How the Wizard Deals with a Scanner For a scanner, you'll see the Choose Scanning Preferences dialog box shown in Figure 9.3.