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Chapter 9. Graphics Gadgetry: Working wi... > Getting Images from Your Scanner or ... - Pg. 105

Graphics Gadgetry: Working with Scanners and Digital Cameras 105 · This group of pictures will be saved in the following folder--Use this list to choose the folder where you want the images stored. The default is My Pictures\ Name, where Name is the title of the new folder you entered into the text box. Note that you can also pick out an existing folder by clicking the Browse button. When you click Next, the wizard gets together with the scanner or camera and arranges to have the image (or images) copied to the folder you specified. When that's done, you come face-to-face with the Uploading Pictures dialog box, which wants to know if you'd like to publish the picture on a Web site (see Chapter 17, "Getting on the Internet") or have them printed online (see Chapter 8, "Playing with Pictures"). If you don't want to bother with any of this, make sure the No thanks option is acti- vated and then click Next. In the final wizard dialog box, you see a link that displays the name of the folder you used to store the image. If you want to see the image in its new hard disk home, click the link. Don't forget to also click Finish to unload the wizard. Windows Wisdom