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Chapter 9. Graphics Gadgetry: Working wi... > Getting Images from Your Scanner or ... - Pg. 104

Graphics Gadgetry: Working with Scanners and Digital Cameras 104 If you know what you're doing, click the Custom Settings button to adjust properties such as the brightness, contrast, and resolution of the scanned image. If you want to see what your image will look like before committing yourself to the scan, click the Preview button. How the Wizard Deals with a Digital Camera For a digital camera, you'll see the Choose Pictures to Copy dialog box shown in Figure 9.4. This dialog box offers up a thumbnail image for each digital photo stored in the camera, and each thumb- nail sports a check box in the upper-right corner: · Leave the check box activated for each image you want to copy to your hard disk. · Deactivate the check box for each image that you don't want to copy.