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Chapter 10. Giving Your Right Brain a Wo... > Setting the Image Attributes - Pg. 116

Giving Your Right Brain a Workout with Paint 116 · Paste the cutout--Once you've cut or copied the cutout, you can paste it into the same drawing or a different drawing by selecting Edit, Paste (or by pressing Ctrl+V). The cutout appears in the upper-left corner of the drawing. Use the next technique to drag the cutout to the spot you want. · Move the cutout--Position the mouse pointer inside the cutout; the pointer changes to a four- headed arrow. This means that you can drag the cutout to another part of the drawing. · Move a copy of the cutout--If you hold down Ctrl while dragging a cutout, Paint leaves the original intact and moves a copy. · Save the cutout to a file--Select the Edit, Copy To command to save the cutout in its own file. In the Copy To dialog box that appears, select a location, enter a File name, and then click Save. (If you want to use the saved cutout in another drawing, open the drawing and select the Edit, Paste From command. In the Paste From dialog box, highlight the cutout file and then click Open.) · Flip the cutout--To flip a cutout, select Image, Flip/Rotate (or press Ctrl+R) to display the Flip and Rotate dialog box. Activate either the Flip horizontal option (left becomes right, and vice versa) or the Flip vertical option (up becomes down, and vice versa). Alternatively, activate Rotate by angle and then choose an angle option. · Invert the cutout colors--Select Image, Invert Colors (or tap Ctrl+I). This technique tells Paint to change black to white and white to black, and the other colors change to their complementary colors. · Stretch the cutout--To scale the cutout to either a smaller or larger size, use the Stretch/Skew command (or press Ctrl+W). Paint displays the Stretch and Skew dialog box. In the Stretch group, use the Horizontal and Vertical text boxes to enter the percentage value that you want to use to stretch the cutout. Values over 100 percent get you a larger image, while values less than 100 percent get you a smaller image.