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Chapter 10. Giving Your Right Brain a Wo... > Setting the Image Attributes - Pg. 117

Giving Your Right Brain a Workout with Paint 117 Another way to change the size of the image is to use the sizing handles . If you look very carefully at the edges of the drawing area, you'll see eight tiny squares: one on each corner and one in the middle of each side. These sizing handles enable you to change the size of the drawing without bothering with the Attributes dialog box. You do this by dragging a handle with your mouse. The Least You Need to Know · The basic Paint method--Click a tool, select a style (if applicable), choose the foreground and background colors, and then draw the shape. Most Paint tools operate by clicking and dragging within the drawing area. · Selecting stuff--Use the Select or Free-Form Select tools to select pieces of your drawing for cutting or copying. When you paste a cutout into a drawing, you need to drag the image to its proper location. · To erase stuff from a drawing--Use the Eraser tool to erase everything and the Color Eraser (right-drag the Eraser) to replace the foreground color with the background color. · Shift for accuracy--Holding down Shift gets you a horizontal, vertical, or 45-degree angle line with the Line tool, a square with the Rectangle tool, or a circle with the Ellipse tool.