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Chapter 10. Giving Your Right Brain a Wo... > Tool Time: How to Use the Paint Tool... - Pg. 112

Giving Your Right Brain a Workout with Paint 112 If your left brain is feeling thoroughly ignored by now, you can toss it a bone by using the Text tool to add text to your drawing. The first step is to drag the mouse inside the drawing area to create a box to hold your text. When you release the mouse button, Paint places a cursor inside the box, so you can just start typing. Paint also displays the Fonts toolbar (see Figure 10.2). To change the font of the text, select the typeface, size, and other font options. Note, too, that this tool offers two styles: opaque (the text is the foreground color and the text box is filled with the background color) and transparent (the text is the foreground color and the text box background is transparent).