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Chapter 10. Giving Your Right Brain a Wo... > Tool Time: How to Use the Paint Tool... - Pg. 111

Giving Your Right Brain a Workout with Paint 111 This tool draws rectangles. The point where you hold down the mouse button defines one corner of the rectangle, and you create the rest of it by dragging the mouse. Need to draw a perfect square? No problem: just hold down the Shift key while dragging. The Rectangle tool offers three styles: a "border only" style that draws only the border of the shape; a "border and fill" style that draws a border (using the foreground color) and fills it with a color (the background color); and a "no border" style that leaves off the shape's border and draws only the fill. Ellipse. You use this tool for drawing ovals. Again, you do this by dragging the mouse inside the drawing area. If what you really need is a perfect circle, hold down the Shift key while doing the dragging thing. Rounded Rectangle. This tool combines the Rectangle and Ellipse tools to produce a rectangle that has rounded corners. Curve. Use this tool when you need a wavy line. This one works a little differently than the others you've seen so far. You begin by dragging the mouse pointer until the line is the length you want, and you then release the button. To curve the line, drag the mouse again and then release the button. If you're feeling spunky, you can add a second curve to the line by dragging the mouse once again and then releasing the button when you're done.