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Chapter 10. Giving Your Right Brain a Wo... > Tool Time: How to Use the Paint Tool... - Pg. 110

Giving Your Right Brain a Workout with Paint 1. 2. 3. 4. 110 In the Tool Box, click the tool you want to play with. Click a tool style (if the tool has any). In the Color Box, left-click a foreground color and right-click a background color. Move the mouse pointer into the drawing area and then draw the shape you want. (The specifics of the drawing process vary from tool to tool, as you'll see in a second.) Paint's Drawing Tools Here's a review of the drawing-related tools you can grab from the Tool Box: Pencil. You use this tool to draw freehand lines. After selecting this tool, move the mouse pointer into the drawing area, hold down the left mouse button, and then wiggle the mouse around. Paint draws a freehand line that follows your every twitch and shimmy. Brush. This is another tool for drawing freehand lines. It differs from the Pencil tool in that it gives you a selection of brush shapes and sizes (in the tool styles area). Windows Wisdom For most of the Paint tools, a left-drag or a left-click draws a shape using the current foreground color. If you'd prefer to use the current background color, right-drag or right-click instead. Line. You use this tool to draw straight lines (the tool styles offer five different widths for your line- drawing pleasure). To create a line, drag the mouse pointer within the drawing area. You can make Paint draw a perfect horizontal or vertical line, or a line pitched at a 45-degree angle, by holding down the Shift key while you drag the mouse. Rectangle.