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Chapter 17. Getting on the Internet > Locations, Locations, Locations: Setting ... - Pg. 204

Getting on the Internet 204 Windows Wisdom Many ISPs provide you with two or more phone numbers so that you can try other numbers if the main number is busy or down. To add the other numbers, click Properties in the Connect dialog box and then click Alter- nates. In the Alternate Phone Numbers dialog box, click Add, enter the Phone number, and then click OK. After a few more seconds of navel-gazing, Windows XP finally lets you know that you're now up and online by adding a connection icon to the notification area and displaying a message that you're connected. If you need to track how long you've been online, double-click the connection icon. The dialog box that shows up tells you how long you've been connected. Severing the Connection When you've stood just about all you can stand of the Internet's wiles, you can log off by right-clicking the connection icon in the taskbar's notification area, and then clicking Disconnect (see Figure 17.2).