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Chapter 17. Getting on the Internet > Setting Up an Existing Account Manually - Pg. 199

Getting on the Internet 199 Look Out! You can only set up an Internet connection if your Windows XP account has administrator access. Also, if you'll be connecting via your modem, make sure your phone cable is plugged into your modem. Windows XP offers no fewer than three different routes to Internet connection glory. Whichever avenue you pursue, you start things up either by trying to access the Internet (as just described) or by selecting Start, Control Panel, Network and Internet Connections, Network Connections, Create a new connection. The New Connection Wizard fades in and requires the following steps off the bat: 1. 2. 3. Click Next in the initial dialog box. Activate the Connect to the Internet option and click Next. Choose one of the following options and then click Next: · Choose from a list of Internet service providers--Choose this option to sign up for a new Internet account through Windows XP. When you click Next, the wizard downloads a list of