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Chapter 17. Getting on the Internet > What to Look For in an Internet Service P... - Pg. 197

Getting on the Internet · Telephone jack--This one is usually labeled "Phone" or has a picture of a telephone. Follow these directions to set things up: 1. 2. Run a phone cable from the wall jack to the modem's line jack. Run a second phone cable from the telephone to the modem's telephone jack. 197 This setup lets you use the phone whenever you need it--the signal goes right through the modem (when you're not using it, of course)--and lets you use the modem whenever you need it. What to Look For in an Internet Service Provider The route to the Internet isn't a direct one. Instead, you can only get there by engaging the services of a middleman or, more accurately, a middlecompany: an Internet service provider ( ISP , for short). An ISP is a business that has negotiated a deal with the local telephone company or some other behemoth organization to get a direct connection to the Internet's highways and byways. These kinds of connections cost thousands of dollars a month, so they're out of reach for all but the most well-heeled tycoons. The ISP affords it by signing up subscribers and offering them a piece of the ISP's Internet connection. After you have an account with an ISP, the connection process works as follows: 1. 2. You use your computer's modem to dial up the ISP. The ISP's computer verifies that you're one of their subscribers.