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Chapter 17. Getting on the Internet > Locations, Locations, Locations: Setting ... - Pg. 207

Getting on the Internet 207 · Wait for Prompt--Click this button to display a dialog box with various things that the system must wait for before continuing the dialing. You can have the system wait for a dial tone, a completed voice message, or a specified number of seconds. · Account Number--Click this button to add your account number to the steps. · Destination Number--Click this button to add the number you're calling to the steps. You also get a dialog box in which you can tell Windows XP to also dial the country code and area code. · Specify Digits--Click this button to add one or more digits (as well as * and #) to the steps. The idea is that you click these buttons in the order that they must appear in the card's calling sequence. If you make a mistake, use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to shuffle things around. If your card requires different sequences for international and local calls, follow the same steps using the International and Local Calls tabs. When you're done, click OK to return to the New Location dialog box. Then click OK to return to the Phone And Modem Options dialog box. Using a Different Location When Connecting to the Internet To put all this to good use when connecting to the Internet, first select Start, Connect To and then click your Internet connection. In the Connect dialog box, click Properties. In the General tab, acti- vate the Use dialing rules check box. You now have two choices: 1. 2. Enter an Area code and/or the Country/region code Click Dialing Rules to get to the Phone and Modem Options dialog box, use the Locations list to highlight the location you prefer to use, and then click OK. The Least You Need to Know