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Chapter 28. Getting a Good Night's Sleep... > Preparing for the Worst: Using Autom... - Pg. 340

Getting a Good Night's Sleep: Preparing for Trouble 340 · A special floppy disk called the Automated System Recovery Disk. This disk contains information about your system that can be used to repair a broken Windows XP configuration. Here are the steps to follow to create these things: 1. 2. Launch Backup and, if the Backup or Restore Wizard appears, click the Advanced Mode link to get to the Backup window. In the Welcome tab, click the Automated System Recovery Wizard button. Alternatively, select Tools, ASR Wizard. The Automated System Recovery Preparation Wizard (what a mouthful!) slides down the pole. Click Next. The Backup Destination dialog box appears. Select your Backup media type, choose a Backup media or file name, and click Next. Click Finish. Backup creates a backup of your Windows XP configuration. When it's done, Backup asks for a blank, formatted disk. This will be your ASR disk. Insert the disk in drive A and click OK. Backup tosses the repair info onto the disk and then lets you know when it's done. Click OK to end up at the Backup Progress dialog box. Click Close. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. At this point, it would be a good idea to label the disk (use "ASR Disk" or "Emergency Repair Disk" or something equally as dull) and put it in a safe place. Recovering Your System Here's the basic procedure to follow if your system has fallen and it can't get up: