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Chapter 28. Getting a Good Night's Sleep... > Backing Up Your Precious Data with W... - Pg. 334

Getting a Good Night's Sleep: Preparing for Trouble 334 Figure 28.2. If you decided to select the backup job files yourself, you'll get this dialog box coming at you. Windows Wisdom Windows XP has a collection of files that store what's known as the system state . This is the Windows XP configuration, so these are absolutely crucial files, and you'll be able to recover your system much faster if you back them up. To include the system state stuff in your backup job, open the My Computer branch and activate the System State check box. 5. 6. Now the wizard wants to know the backup destination. Use the Select the backup type list to choose the type of backup medium (such as a file or a tape device) you want to use. Use the Choose a place to save your backup list to specify the location of the backup. (You can click Browse to choose the location from a dialog box.) You can also enter a name in the Type a name for this backup text box. Click Next to continue. The wizard displays a summary of the backup job settings. Say "Hold on a minute there, buster!" and click Advanced. You'll then run through a series of dialog boxes. Here's a quick summary (click Next after each one): · Type of Backup--Use the Select the type of backup list to choose a backup type (Normal, Incremental, and so on).