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Chapter 28. Getting a Good Night's Sleep... > Backing Up Your Precious Data with W... - Pg. 333

Getting a Good Night's Sleep: Preparing for Trouble 333 Creating and Running a Backup Job Now that we've knocked the whole backup process down to size, let's whip out the brass tacks and get down to business. To get started, select Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Backup. After a second or two, the Backup or Restore Wizard pulls itself out of a hat. The next two sections take you through the two procedures for backing up: the Backup or Restore Wizard and creating a backup job by hand. The Backup Wizard's step-by-step approach makes it easy to create and launch a backup job. Here's what happens: 1. 2. 3. In the initial Backup or Restore Wizard dialog box, click Next. Activate the Back up files and settings option and then click Next. The next wizard dialog box gives you four choices (click Next when you're done): · My documents and settings--Choose this option to back up your My Documents folder, your Favorites folders, your desktop, and your cookies. · Everyone's documents and settings--Choose this option if you have multiple users on the computer and you want to back up their documents and settings as well as your own. · All information on this computer--Choose this option to be able to completely recover your system in the event of a catastrophe. (See the "Preparing for the Worst: Using Automated System Recovery" section later in this chapter.) · Let me choose what to back up--Choose this option to pick out exactly which files to back up. If you elected to choose what to back up, you'll see the Items to Back Up dialog box shown in Figure 28.2. The idea here is that you use the items in the Items to back up list to choose which 4.