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Chapter 28. Getting a Good Night's Sleep... > Backing Up Your Precious Data with W... - Pg. 332

Getting a Good Night's Sleep: Preparing for Trouble 332 Jargon Jar A backup job is a file that specifies a few particulars about your backup. These particulars include the files you want backed up, the location where the files will be backed up, and any backup options you specify along the way. Differential--Backs up only those files that have changed since the most recent non-Differ- ential backup. That is, the files are not marked to indicate they've been backed up. So, if you run this type of backup again, the same files get backed up (plus any others that have changed in the meantime). Daily--Backs up only those files that were modified on the day you run the backup. Copy--Makes copies of the selected files. This type of backup does not mark the files as having been backed up. This means you can use it for quick backups without interfering with your backup strategy (discussed next).