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Chapter 28. Getting a Good Night's Sleep... > Backing Up Your Precious Data with W... - Pg. 331

Getting a Good Night's Sleep: Preparing for Trouble 331 Backing Up: Some Things to Consider If backing up seems like too much of a bother, there are plenty of things you can do to make it easier: · Forget floppies--Yes, it's possible to back up files to floppy disks in Windows XP. However, that's a bad way to go because it requires about 17 floppies to back up just 100MB. If you're like most people, you probably have hundreds of megabytes to protect, so backing up to dozens of floppy disks is no one's idea of fun, I'm sure. · Use better backup destinations--For easiest backups, use a medium that has a relatively large capacity. That way, you won't spend your time shuffling disks in and out. Windows XP supports all kinds of backup and storage devices, but here are a few to bear in mind: Zip disks--These hold 100MB (the latest ones hold 250MB), which is a heckuva lot better than a floppy disk. Jaz disks--These come in 1GB and 2GB flavors, so they have plenty of capacity. Tape drives--These typically come in multi-gigabyte capacities and are pretty cheap, so they're the most common choice used by backup aficionados. Hard disks--This is a great choice if you happen to have a second hard disk in your system. (Be sure it's a second disk, and not just a single disk that's been divided in two.) Network locales--If you have a small network at home or in a small office, you might consider turning one machine's large hard disk into a backup destination. On larger networks, see whether your system administrator has set aside space for you on a server. · Back up your documents first--The only things on your system that are truly irreplaceable are the documents that you've created with the sweat of your own brow. So, if backup space is at a premium, just include your documents in the backup job . You can always install your programs again later, if need be.