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Chapter 15. Fax-It-Yourself: Using Windo... > Annotating a Fax - Pg. 182

Fax-It-Yourself: Using Windows XP's Faxing Features See Chapter 20, "Sending and Receiving E-Mail Missives," for the Windows XP e-mail details. 182 · E-mail the fax as an attachment--Highlight the fax and then select File, Mail To. Use the New Message window to set up the e-mail message and then click Send. · Delete the fax--Highlight the fax and then select File, Delete (or just press the Delete key). Annotating a Fax The Fax Viewer program lets you edit the fax by adding highlights, lines, snarky comments, "sticky notes," or other annotations. This section shows you how it's done. I told you about most of the buttons along the bottom of the window back in Chapter 8. Here's a rundown of the rest of the buttons, all of which deal with annotating the fax: Button Button Name New Freehand Annotation New Highlight Annotation New Straight Line Annota- tion New Frame Annotation New Solid Rectangle Anno- tation New Text Annotation What It Does Draws a freehand line on the fax. Draws a yellow highlight on the fax. Draws a straight line on the fax Draws a border-only rectan- gle on the fax. Draws a filled rectangle on the fax. Draws a text box on the fax. You can then type a note in the text box. Draws a "sticky note" on the fax. You can then add text to the note. New Attached Note Annota- tion These buttons work just like those in the Paint toolbox (see Chapter 10). That is, you click the button, move the mouse pointer to the position inside the fax where you want to start, hold down the left mouse button, and then drag the mouse to draw the object. The Least You Need to Know · Sending a simple fax--To fax a simple note on a cover page, launch the Send Fax Wizard directly by selecting the Fax Console's File, Send a Fax command, or by selecting Start, All Programs, Accessories, Communications, Fax, Send a Fax. · Faxing a document--To fax a document from a program, select File, Print, choose the Fax "printer," and then click Print. · Answering a call manually--When a call comes in, click the taskbar's The line is ringing message. · Viewing a received fax--Click the taskbar's New fax received message and then double-click the fax in the Fax Console's Inbox folder.