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Chapter 15. Fax-It-Yourself: Using Windo... > Checking Out the Fax Console - Pg. 173

Fax-It-Yourself: Using Windows XP's Faxing Features 173 8. · Print it on--Activate this check box to have Windows XP automatically print any received fax. Use the list that becomes activated to choose the printer you want to use. · Store a copy in a folder--Activate this check box to store a second copy of each fax in the folder that you specify. The original copy of the fax is saved in the Fax Console, which you learn about in the next section. Click Finish. Checking Out the Fax Console When the wizard exits the stage and the smoke clears, you end up with the Fax Console window on-screen, as shown in Figure 15.2. The Fax Console is where you'll do your fax work in Windows XP. It includes four "folders" that store fax-related things: · Incoming--This folder displays information about the fax that is currently being received. For example, during fax reception the Status column displays In progress and the Extended Sta- tus column displays Answered and then Receiving. · Inbox--This folder stores the incoming faxes that were received successfully. Note that the TSID column shows the name or phone number of the sender. · Outbox--This folder stores data about the fax that is currently being sent. For example, dur-ing the send the Status column displays In progress, and the Extended Status column displays Transmitting. · Sent Items--This folder stores a copy of the faxes that were sent successfully.