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Chapter 15. Fax-It-Yourself: Using Windo... > “Incoming!” Receiving a Fax - Pg. 180

Fax-It-Yourself: Using Windows XP's Faxing Features 180 · No more slimy, curly, fax paper--When you receive a fax on your computer, it's stored as a file which you can keep electronically or later print on real paper. · No more wasted paper--If a junk fax comes in, you can delete it from existence without having to ever print it. · Easier storage--Because received faxes are digital files, you don't need to print them and then file them. Instead, you can use the Fax Console's folders to store them for safekeeping. · Easier annotation--As you'll see a bit later, Windows XP comes with a program that lets you "write" on a received fax. Windows Wisdom If you find the fax service's sounds (such as the ringing associated with an incoming call) annoying, you can disable them. In the Fax Console, select Tools, Fax Printer Configuration and then display the Tracking tab. Click Configure Sound Settings and then deactivate the check boxes for each sound you want to silence.