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Chapter 12. Creating Movies with Windows... > From Projector to Project: Creating ... - Pg. 143

Creating Movies with Windows Movie Maker 143 From Projector to Project: Creating Your Movie Project Your footage is safely ensconced on your hard disk and you can play with clips until the cows come home. Now what? Now it's nitty-gritty time as you start constructing your movie--which Movie Maker calls a "project"--piece-by-piece. The first thing you need to know is that you can view your movie in one of two ways: · Storyboard--This view shows the sequence of clips that you've added to the movie, and for each clip it shows the first frame. The storyboard is where you see the big picture of your movie. You get this view by activating the View, Storyboard command, or by clicking the Storyboard button when the timeline is displayed (see Figure 12.5).