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Chapter 12. Creating Movies with Windows... > Hip Clip Tips: Working with Clips - Pg. 140

Creating Movies with Windows Movie Maker 140 Hip Clip Tips: Working with Clips Judging from the previous section, it's safe to say that clips play an important role in Movie Maker's movie-making process. Not only is everything stored as a clip, but as you'll see later when you learn how to build and edit a movie, almost everything you do operates at the clip level. This means that you need to be comfortable with clips if you hope to get anything done in Movie Maker without too much fuss. This section helps you get to that state by running through a few common clip tasks. Playing a Clip Before plopping a clip into your movie project, you'll probably want to play it so that you're sure what's in the clip and so you can decide whether you want to split the clip into two parts. Here's how you play a clip using the monitor: 1. Use the Collections tree to highlight the collection that has the clip you want to view. Windows Wisdom