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Chapter 12. Creating Movies with Windows... > Adding Video to a Project - Pg. 137

Creating Movies with Windows Movie Maker 137 Adding Video to a Project Movie Maker starts a new movie project for you automatically when you crank it up. However, you can start a fresh project at any time by selecting the File, New, Project command (or by pressing Ctrl+N). Jargon Jar A frame is a single image from a movie. All movies simulate motion by playing a rapid sequence of still images. The more images displayed per second, the better the quality of the movie, and this measure is called the frame rate and it's measured in frames per second (fps). Low quality is about 8 fps and high quality is 30 fps. With your bouncing baby project ready to go, your next step is to get some video "in the can" (as they say in the movie biz). That is, you need to add a collection of clips to the project to use as your editing raw materials. You have two choices: