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Chapter 12. Creating Movies with Windows... > From Projector to Project: Creating ... - Pg. 147

Creating Movies with Windows Movie Maker 147 If you want to send your movie to another person via e-mail, select the File, Send Movie To, E-mail command. Use the Send Movie Via E-mail dialog box to choose the quality you want, enter a Title, and so on. When you click OK, Movie Maker prompts you for a file name and then asks you to choose your e-mail program. Somewhat confusingly, saving your project does not create your movie file. To do that, you need to select File, Save Movie, or press Ctrl+M. In the Save Movie dialog box, use the Setting list to select the quality of the movie file. You can also enter other data such as a Title, Author, and Rating. When you've done that, the Save As dialog box appears so that you can enter a File name and choose a location (again, use the My Videos folder). Click Save to create the movie. (Note that this process will take a long time, depending on your machine, the length of the movie, and the number of tran- sitions you used.) The Least You Need to Know · Attaching an analog device--If you have an analog camcorder, VCR, or TV, you need a video capture card (or a graphics card that supports video capture) and you need the proper composite or SVideo cable to make the attachment. If your device supports USB, attach it to one of your computer's USB ports. · Attaching a digital camcorder or camera--These devices attach to either a USB port or to a IEEE 1394 (FireWire) port. · Recording video footage--Attach your device and then select File, Record (or click Record or press Ctrl +F). In the Record window, change the settings to taste and then click Record. · Watching video on the monitor--To watch a clip, click it in the Clips list or in the workspace and then click the Play button. · Selecting multiple clips--For random clips, hold down Ctrl and click each clip; for consecutive clips, click the first clip, hold down Shift, and click the last clip. · Dragging clips--You add a clip to a project by dragging it from the Clips list and dropping it on your project in the spot you want it to appear; also, you can change the order of the project's clips by dragging them