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Chapter 12. Creating Movies with Windows... > From Projector to Project: Creating ... - Pg. 144

Creating Movies with Windows Movie Maker 6. 7. Save the movie. Repeat steps 1 through 6 until you're done. 144 The rest of this chapter takes you through each of these steps. Adding a Clip to the Project To add a clip to the movie, it doesn't matter if you're viewing the storyboard or the timeline. However, clips are easier to insert using the storyboard because you can see at a glance exactly where the clip will be inserted. Movie Maker gives you two techniques to add a clip (or clips) to your movie: · Highlight the clip and select Clip, Add to Storyboard/Timeline. This technique always inserts the clip at the end of the movie. · Drag the clip from the Clips list and drop it on the project in the Movie Maker workspace. When you move your mouse into the workspace and over the project, a vertical black bar appears as a marker that shows you where the clip will be inserted when you drop it. Drag the mouse left or right to insert the clip where you want it. If you really want to add only a segment of a clip right now, you can do it by making one or two splits of the clip. First position the Seek Bar at the beginning of the good segment and then split the clip. Load the second half of the clip, move the Seek Bar to the end of the good segment, and split the clip again. Using the Storyboard to Juggle Clips When you insert your clips into the project, you don't need to worry too much about the order the clips appear because the order is easy to change. View the storyboard and then use any of the