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Chapter 12. Creating Movies with Windows... > Adding Video to a Project - Pg. 139

Creating Movies with Windows Movie Maker 139 Windows Wisdom The Change Device dialog box has a Line list that determines the type of input source you're using. De- pending on how your computer is configured, you can select one of the following: Video Composite (the yellow, red, and white RCA jacks), Video SVideo (an SVideo jack), or Video Tuner (a cable TV jack). · Take Photo--Click this button to take a still image of the current video frame. This brings the Save Photo dialog box onto the screen, which you then use to save the image to a file in JPEG format. Here are the steps to follow to record some footage: 1. 2. 3. Cue up the video (for recorded media) or set up the camera (for live video). Click the Record button. When you see the word Recording flashing inside the Record window, start playing your tape