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Chapter 13. Avoiding Fistfights While Sh... > Logging On to an Account - Pg. 153

Avoiding Fistfights While Sharing Your Computer 2. 3. 153 If you want to save these things, click Keep Files to store them in a new folder named after the user. Otherwise, click Delete Files. Click Delete Account. Logging On to an Account Once you have two or more user accounts on the go (excluding the Guest account, that is), then each time you crank up Windows XP you'll see the Welcome screen, as shown earlier in the book in Figure 2.1. Click your user icon to log on to Windows. If the account is protected by a password, a text box will appear. In that case, enter the password and press Enter. (If you need to see your password hint, click the question mark button.) Once you're logged on to an account, you can switch to another user by following these steps: 1. 2. Select Start, Log Off. The Log Off Windows box appears. Click one of the following buttons: · Switch User--Click this button if you want to leave the current user's windows and programs open and running. (This is a new Windows XP feature that's called fast-user switching .) · Log Off--Click this button if you prefer to shut down all of the current user's windows and programs. When the Welcome screen reappears, log on as a different user. 3. Sharing Documents with (and Hiding Them from) Other Users