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Chapter 13. Avoiding Fistfights While Sh... > Sharing Documents with (and Hiding T... - Pg. 154

Avoiding Fistfights While Sharing Your Computer 154 4. · The All Users subfolder is where the Shared Documents folder exists, along with the stuff everyone sees on the Start menu. · There's also a subfolder for each user. Right-click your subfolder and then click Sharing and Security. (If you're an administrator, you can do this to any of the user subfolders.) Windows XP launches the Properties dialog box for the folder with the Sharing tab displayed, as shown in Figure 13.2. Figure 13.2. Use the Sharing tab to make a folder private or share it with others. 5. You have two choices: · If you're a limited user and you don't want an administrator to be able to access your docu- ments, activate the Make this folder private check box. If your account doesn't have a pass- word, Windows XP asks if you want to create one. If you do, click Yes and then create a password as described earlier. · If you're an administrator and you want limited users to be able to access your documents, deactivate the Make this folder private check box. Click OK. 6.