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Chapter 13. Avoiding Fistfights While Sh... > Changing an Existing Account - Pg. 151

Avoiding Fistfights While Sharing Your Computer 1. 2. 151 Click Create a password. Use the Type a new password text box to enter the password for the user. (Note that you see a bunch of dots instead of the actual characters you type. This is a security feature to prevent someone from spying the password.) Look Out! If you store sensitive data on your computer (or just don't want someone to snoop), then you should think carefully about the password you choose. That is, don't use an obvious word (such as your name), use words that are at least five characters long (the longer the better), and mix uppercase and lowercase letters and toss in a number or two. 3. 4. Use the Type the new password again to confirm text box to enter the password once again. Use the Type a word or phrase to use as a password hint text box to enter a password. This word or phrase is accessible in the Welcome screen and is visible to all and sundry. Therefore, make the hint as vague as possible while still being useful to you if you forget your password.