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Chapter 16. A Movable Feast: Windows XP ... > Setting Up a Direct Connection Betwe... - Pg. 194

A Movable Feast: Windows XP and Your Notebook Computer 3. 4. 5. 6. 194 Copy the files to the guest computer's Briefcase. Use the guest computer to work on the files directly from the Briefcase folder. (There's no need for a connection at this point.) When you're done, connect again and then open the guest's Briefcase folder. Either click Update all items in the WebView panel or select Briefcase, Update All to update the host computer's files with the changed files in the guest computer's Briefcase. Disconnecting from the Host When you feel you've imposed upon the host computer quite enough, it's time to take your leave. Windows XP gives you the following ways to bid goodnight: · On the host or guest, right-click the connection icon in the taskbar's notification area, and then click Disconnect. · On the host, open the Network Connections window, highlight the icon for the connected guest, and then click Disconnect this connection in the WebView panel (or select the File, Discon- nect command). · On the guest, open the Network Connections window, highlight the icon for the direct connection, and then click the WebView panel's Disconnect this connection link (or select the File, Discon- nect command). The Least You Need to Know · Use the power icon--When running your notebook on batteries, be sure you use the power icon to keep a close eye on the battery level. · Manage your power--To maximize battery life, create a power scheme that shuts down the monitor and hard disk within a minute or two of idle time. · Lug the Briefcase--The easiest way to use a Briefcase is to move it onto a removable disk and keep it there. You can then add files to the Briefcase, copy those files to the other machine, and use the update feature to keep the files synchronized. · Hot swap PC Cards--You can insert a PC Card, and Windows XP would recognize it right away (and, if necessary, installs the required files). Before removing a PC Card device, tell Windows XP to stop using it. · The direct connection--String a null-modem or Direct Parallel cable between two machines and then set up one as the host and the other as the guest.