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Chapter 16. A Movable Feast: Windows XP ... > Setting Up a Direct Connection Betwe... - Pg. 191

A Movable Feast: Windows XP and Your Notebook Computer 191 · A null-modem cable--This is a special cable that attaches to the serial port in the back of both machines. Null-modem cables are common and are available from any decent computer or electronics store. Note, however, that this is not the same as the cable you use with your modem. · A Direct Parallel cable--This cable attaches to the parallel (or printer) port in the back of the computers. This kind is preferred because it can transmit data quite a bit faster than the null- modem variety. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, these cables were available only directly from the manufacturer (see After you've attached the cable to both machines (they don't need to be turned off while you make the attachments), you're ready to begin the setup. This involves setting up the host and guest com- puters and configuring both machines so that they can converse with each other. The host com- puter is the one that will be sharing its resources, while the guest computer is the one that will be accessing those shared resources. See Also Another way to connect two computers is to network them. See Chapters 30"Using Windows XP to Set Up a Small Network," and Chapters 31"Using Windows XP's Networking Features."