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Chapter 16. A Movable Feast: Windows XP ... > Working with Those Little PC Card Do... - Pg. 189

A Movable Feast: Windows XP and Your Notebook Computer 189 Windows Wisdom PC Cards were originally known as PCMCIA cards, where PCMCIA stood for Personal Computer Memory Card International Association. I use PC Card in this section, but just remember that PC Card and PCMCIA are the same thing. In addition, there's a newer type of PC Card device that is known as a CardBus device. Most newer notebooks support both types in the same socket. Windows XP helps by recognizing your notebook's PC Card sockets (most machines have at least two), and by supporting hot swapping , which sounds like some sort of swinging singles party, but is really just the capability to insert and remove PC Cards without having to shut down the system. Popping In a PC Card Device To use a PC Card device, insert it gently and as far as it will go into any free PC Card socket. (You should feel a slight "click" at the end.) Windows XP recognizes that a new device is in the socket