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Chapter 16. A Movable Feast: Windows XP ... > Better Battery Life Through Power Ma... - Pg. 185

A Movable Feast: Windows XP and Your Notebook Computer 185 · Click the Alarm Action button to display the Low Battery Alarm Actions dialog box. From here, you can request that Windows XP Sound alarm or Display message when the alarm goes off. You can also activate the When the alarm goes off, the computer will check box, and then select Standby, Hibernate, or Shut down in the list. It's also probably a good idea to activate the Force stand by or shutdown even if a program stops responding check box. Click OK when you're done. See Also I discussed the differences between standby, hibernate, and shut-down in Chapter 2, "A Field Guide to Windows XP." 4. 5. Use Critical battery alarm group to set up the critical alarm. Note that you have the same choices as in the Low battery alarm group. Click OK.